Samples and Reviews Policy

I have been receiving quite a substantial number of emails asking to send samples and/or endorse various products. So I have decided to create this “samples/reviews” policy to make everyone’s life easier.

  • I absolutely cannot guarantee a positive review. Most of the products I review here I buy myself for myself and then write my own subjective opinion about them. If you choose to send me a sample, you agree that I will write MY OPINION only, no strings attached.

  • All the reviewed products are actually tested on me. My skin is dry and sensitive. Therefore if you want me to try something in your line, please make sure that it’s aimed at dry/sensitive skin. If it's a makeup product, please consult with me about the color palette first!

  • Exception to the one above -- if your product is aimed at a more mature skin, I have a lady in her 50s who is willing to test products for me. Her skin is also dry/sensitive. If you'd like me to pass the product on to her to test for effectiveness, you must clearly state so in your correspondence. She will also give her opinion (following the guidelines I provide) and is in no way obligated to state that she likes the product if she doesn't.

  • Please indicate clearly the expiry date, storage requirement and any specific directions for use. Include any other information that you think is important – organic certifications, fair trade, is the packaging recyclable, etc…

  • I am located in Canada. If you are sending samples from other countries, please work out the mail/customs details. I will not pay customs fees if such are required.

  • If your product contains chemicals and various suspicious ingredients, I will mention it. So if  your ingredients are not truly natural, don’t send me anything! The focus of this site is pure ORGANIC skin care and makeup, so please only consider sending me samples if you make organic products, and not just products that may contain an organic ingredient.

  • My goal is to promote great organic skin care and makeup products. However if I don’t find your product effective, I can’t write that I did. No research on the planet will convince me that my face feels great if it doesn’t, or that my lipstick doesn't smudge if it's all over me...

  • Please don’t ask me to write about your product is if I cannot sample it. I can’t possibly recommend something I know nothing about.

  • If you want to clarify something (like what the perfume is actually made of, or that you have recently changed this or that), you are welcome to let me know and I’ll update the information where warranted.

  • If you agree to the above conditions, email to julena at organicmakeupandskincare dot com and we’ll work out the details. Please don't forget to mention in the email that you've read and agree with this policy!