Relevant Environmental and Women's Interests Organizations

The organizations below provide information, support and various resources for the movement towards safer cosmetics, as well as healthier environment in general.

Campaign For Safe Cosmetics – a coalition of nonprofit health and environmental organizations coming together to protect the health of consumers and workers in the personal care industry. They lobby to phase out the use dangerous chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives.

Teens Turning Green – a coalition of teens educating teens and community about safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

Environmental Working Group – a non-profit organization specializing in research and advocacy relating to toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies and corporate accountability. They maintain the cosmetics database (see below) and sponsor various research reports related to chemicals impact on human health.

Cosmetics Database – find out what really is inside your favorite skin care product. The database is maintained by the Environmental Working Group.

Think Before You Pink – exposing the hypocrisy of “pinkwashing”. Breast Cancer ribbon has become a popular marketing tool. Are the companies really supporting the cause, or just using it as a marketing stint? Many cosmetics companies that spot a ribbon actually sell products with chemicals linked to breast cancer.

Organic Consumer Association – a group dedicated to consumer protection and advocacy of organic agriculture.