Organic Skin Care Brands

I've searched far and wide to find the best, purest and most natural skin care products available. On this page I am going to list the best organic skin care brands. This list is continuously growing. We live in the happy days of increasing awareness of importance of purity for our bodies and souls.

When profiling a brand of natural cosmetic, my main criteria is that they don't use (or at least minimize) synthetics, parabens, synthetic fragrances and coloring. I do not believe that those ingredients benefit our skins or promote anti-aging in any way.

Some of my favorite brands are:

Dr. Hauschka

This is my absolutely favorite brand of natural organic skin care. I have not yet discovered a single Dr. Hauschka product that I didn't love. The Dr.Hauschka Quince Day Cream (read my review here) and Dr.Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream (read my review here) are in the place of honor on my beauty counter and are not likely to be replaced anytime soon. I cannot recommend them strongly enough.

Aubrey Organics

First choice for hair care. Aubrey organics make excellent natural shampoos and hair conditioners. They are also extremely reasonably priced.  You can read my detailed review of Aubrey organics shampoos and Aubrey conditioner. These are the products my family has been using for the past year almost exclusively, and we love it!



The oldest and most consistent player in the organic skin care field. Weleda is reasonably priced, and has excellent range of natural and organic body care, skin care and even natural toothpaste! And, of course, they have a brilliant line of organic baby care products (shampoo, cream, diaper cream, soap and lotion).   You can read more about Weleda. There is also a review of Weleda Skin Food here. And of course you can buy Weleda products at

Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner natural soaps are pure magic. And pure for them means really pure. No greenwashing allowed. No suspicious ingredients whatsoever. Here you can read my review of Dr. Bronner's liquid and bar soaps, tested on yours truly.

Other brands worth serious consideration are Eminence (who are about to roll out a biodynamic line as well!) and Sophyto. I have written an article about Sophyto here.   Both of these companies take organic commitment very seriously and produce really high quality products.