Organic Make Up

World’s Best Organic Makeup Brands

It is true that organic skin care is way ahead in development then organic makeup. It seems that everywhere I look there are tons of pure and certified organic face creams and anti aging creams, cleansers and toners. But when it comes to shadows, lipsticks and mascara, the choices rapidly dwindle out. However, in this real world, despite all our best intentions of keeping our faces naturally pretty, sometimes we simply need makeup. The colorful stuff.

And with that in mind I’ve done an extremely thorough research detecting the purest and most natural makeup lines on the international market… I’ve looked at reputation, ingredients and, whenever possible, certifications.

Therefore, here is your guide to world’s greatest and most natural and organic makeup lines. At least some of these are bound to be somewhere around where you live. Or within a few online clicks 🙂 … In fact you can get many of these wonderful products (and more!) at . They carry makeup by Nvey Eco, Dr. Hauschka and SukiColor — which are the cream of the crop in the organic makeup market.

The List of Great Natural and Organic Makeup Brands

  • Nvey Eco
  • Dr. Hauschka Makeup
  • Physician’s Formula
  • SukiColor
  • Lavera Makeup
  • SANTE Cosmetics
  • Couleur Caramel
  • Elysambre
  • Logona

You should also browse through the blog for more current information and tips. For example, here you can find tips for making your own homemade lip balm and tint. And here you can get some more information about the certifications of some of these brands.

And just to prove the point that organic makeup can look as gorgeous, if not more so than regular makeup, take a look at the front cover from the new Organic Beauty magazine. (Which by the way is a great new magazine that addresses organic beauty only, is printed on recyclable paper, is edited by the former editor of Elle, and is at a news stand near you – so please, buy or subscribe! An effort like this must be supported! Here is the link to the Organic Beauty’s website.)