Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't mainstream cosmetics products perfectly safe and well regulated?

Don't we all wish for that to be true? For an eye opening experience, you should visit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics site. But for starters, how about this little statistic: Only 11% of the 10,500 chemicals in our cosmetics have been screened for safety... So the short answer is -- NO.

Are organic skin care and makeup products always expensive and automatically good?

When it comes to price and safety, price and effectiveness, there is no "always" just because something is organic. Please see my Organic Skin Care Myths article. I cover in depth this topic and other related myths

Do you know if "insert product" is good for me?

I do not offer any specific advice for any specific person. All opinions on products on this site are based on my experience and experience of people I know. Please consult your doctor/skin care specialist if you are not sure these products are right for you. If you choose to use any of the products I write about, you do so at your own risk.

Where can I buy the products you write about?

Many of these products are available from your local health store. There is also a great online store called  The brands they carry include Dr. Hauschka, Sophyto, Nvey Eco, Suki, Weleda etc. They have special discounts very frequently and if you buy over $49 the shipping is free within US. They ship internationally as well. Another place to check is amazon beauty store, where you can search for specific products and many different sellers, all backed by amazon's policies. Last but not least, you can always browse ebay :)

Can my company/a company I represent send you some products for review?

This is one of those perks I didn't expect when I started this site. But now I am quite happy that people want me to try their products. However, of course there are a few "howevers". And I've created a page specifically to address them. So, before you email me, please read my samples and reviews policy.

We are a great company (check our site) and we having a great deal, promotion etc., so please notify your readers.

I don't generally notify about promotions, especially if they are unrelated to the core focus of this site (which is organic makeup and organic skin care). However, I am considering creating a page dedicated to promotions at a future date. But that will be only focused on makeup and skin care products.

We have a great product you should write about.

If I've never tried your product, how do I know it is great? If you are considering sending samples, than please read the samples and reviews policy.