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Organics Review: BeeAllNatural Organic Lip Balm

Product Name:

Bee All Natural Organic Lip Balm By Bee All Natural.


About the brand:

Bee All Natural is a one woman show ran by Rachel Nonis. Based out of Shelby Township, Michigan, Rachel started her company because she was tired of buying products that claimed to be “natural” but “still have garbage” in them. No she makes all the products from scratch, packages it, designs and prints the label . In her own words “I want to create products that I can be proud of. Proud of selling, using and standing behind 100%”.


USDA certified organic, food grade quality.


Rachel sent me three flavours to try:

Peppermint, Natural and Grapefruit
I absolutely make these flavours. They make me hungry. Probably best tasting balms I’ve had in ages. Good thing they are organic in case I eat too much! I can’t even pick a favourite, but pushed against the wall I’d probably spill “grapefruit”.


To die for. This scent reminds you what food is supposed to smell like… I keep forgetting that these balms aren’t for eating! Thank god they are food-grade…


Really pretty little tubes. These balms look playful and simple. Fits in my little wallet, which is perfect.


Nothing to complain about. All ingredients are natural and almost all are organic. These products are food-grade quality. Personally I love the coconut oil — i think its responsible for the awesome taste/scent.

Also, I love that all the products are created from scratch, never a prebought base. (Did you know that a lot of manufacturers just buy a standard base, add a couple of useless ingredients and branding, and sell the “new miracle product”? This industry really needs a shake up. Luckily you don’t have to worry about that with these balms!)


I’m so destructed by taste and smell that I wasn’t even paying attention to performance at first. But the performance is perfect. It does what a lip balm is supposed to do.


$3.50 per tube. The products can be purchased from the website as well as various stores.


Absolutely awesome. Highly recommended. Probably my new favourite lip balm!

PS: There is also a facebook page where you can find information about contests and giveaways. I urge you to try it.

September 19, 2010   20 Comments

More on Natural Anti-Aging Solutions

While on the topic of natural anti-aging solutions, here are the top fruits and vegetables you should eat based on their oxygen radical absorbance capacity. ORAC is one way to measure antioxidant capacity of food. The higher the better. Essentially this is in accordance with research suggesting that free radicals cause or at least enhance the aging process.

Note: free radicals are unstable atoms or molecules that attract electrons away from healthy cells.

Thus eating antioxidant rich food is your best line of first defense against aging. Try to get these organic, whenever you can:

Highest scoring ORAC fruits:

Acai fruit
Blueberry (wild is substantially better than cultivated)
Plums (black)

Highest scoring ORAC vegetables:

Butterhead lettuce

Start by including these in your daily ration and you’ll feel younger in no time!

October 10, 2008   1 Comment