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Review of Some Miessence Organic Skin Care Products

Once you start searching for organic makeup or skin care products on line, it’s hard not to run into Miessence. It is a complete line that is sold through independent representatives. I guess it’s sort of a home based business opportunity for those interested in selling it.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Miessence. I’m not their representative. I was, however, contacted by a number of representatives. One of them, Annie, sent me a few samples, some of which I’m about to review. So if the product appeals to you, check out her Miessence store.

Ok, let’s get started.

Annie sent me a number of products, but in the interest of time I’m only going to review two: the moisturizer and the cleanser.

Product names:

Miessence Soothing Moisturizer

miessence soothing moisturiser

Miessence Soothing Cleanser:

miessence soothing cleanser

About the brand:

The company that produces Miessence is called ONEGroup which is an achronim for Organic and Natural Enterprise Group. It is Australian based and it produces a whole reange of skincare, haircare, health care and cosmetic products. It makes product that are certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the USDA and IFOAM (Organic Federation of Agriculture Movements, in Europe).

The company distributes its products via independent representatives. (Sort of like Mary Kay and Avon).


According to the web the moisturizer is about $40 for 50 ml and the cleanser is $40.95 for 250 ml bottle.


This is where this brand shines. Miessence got it covered. The products are certified organic by Australian government, the USDA and IFOAM. They are certified organic to International Food Standard. You can’t get better than that.


Both products come in recyclable plastic tubes. To quote from the bottle: “100% Recyclable non leaching Plastic”

Reading the ingredients:

Both products are concoctions of organic oils and extracts. I did not spot any ingredients I could complain about. Bravo.


The products have similar scent. For some reason it reminds me of a certain cooking oil but I can’t quite place it. I wouldn’t say that the smell is the product’s strongest feature. That’s one place where some tweaking wouldn’t hurt. But it’s not all that bad either. Just different…


The moisturizer is a very thin cream, almost watery. The cleanser is also a gentle cream mix, though a bit less runny.


The cleanser does it job perfectly well. I used it to wash off all the fancy organic makeup I’ve been wearing lately (a layer of foundation, brow pencil, mascara and some shadows) and it all came off without excessive rubbing. It also felt gentle and not in the least irritating.

The moisturizer was a bit too light for my skin. And a bit watery – my skin was softer than without cream, but I felt as if there was a tiny tight film on it. (Annie also sent me a really small pack of Miessence Rejuvinating Moisturiser. I wasn’t going to review it officially, but after I tried it I wish she sent me a tube of that one! It was exactly what my skin was craving).


Cleanser – I haven’t tried it on tough mainstream makeup. But for regular cleansing and removing of natural makekup I would definitely recommend it. It’s pure and gentle.

Moisturiser – this particular moisturizer is not for someone with really dry skin. Probably for normal but I wouldn’t know… I think it’s a bit too thin. For really dry skin try the rejuvenating moisturizer.

In any case, do give this line of organic products your consideration. I think they really get what it means to be organic.

Tips: Annie also sent me a set of small sample packs. Which supports my theory that most reputable companies have samples. So if you are unsure about a product you could probably try asking for some samples or buying really small size packages before you plunge into a full blown shopping spree.

June 29, 2009   38 Comments

Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Mascara Review

To say that I was buying my new Organic Wear Mascara with fear and trepidation is an understatement of the century. I have long ago learned that getting the mascara right is the toughest task for the natural makeup industry.

And I really needed a mascara. No room for error.

So I went to Wal-Mart. Because they have the best return policy. Just in case.

And I bought a regular big-brand mascara as well. Just in case.

So yah, I was one biased customer.

But I worried for nothing. The mascara IS good. For me, at least. But if you want to know more details, here is the really detailed review:

Product Name:

Organic Wear Mascara, by Physician’s Formula, also referred to as Natural Origin Mascara

About the brand:

Organic Wear is a Brand created by Physician’s Formula. You can read my Physician’s Formula brand overview here.


I paid just over $14 Canadian. It is about 10US dollars in the US.


EcoCert Certified Organic.


This is one of the most innovative packaging to hit the mascara world in a long time. The tube and handle are stylized with the handle looking like some kind of leaf. The brush itself is very flexible, which I think is a pro – it was easy to reach all the lashes. The brush is also 100% recyclable, which is a bonus.

Reading the ingredients:

The packaging says that 100% of ingredients are of Natural Origin and 47% are Organic. Which is commendable given that EcoCert requires only 10% of ingredients to be Organic and 95% to be natural. Basically, Organic Wear is taking its “natural” and “organic” claims seriously.

Reading the insert (or Other claims):

The back of the box is dedicated to 100%. It list a whole set of features for which Organic Wear Mascara scored a 100:

100% Natural Origin Mascara
100% Free of Synthtetic Solvents
100% Natural Origin Biopolymers – for clump free lashes
100% Natural Origin Preservatives
100% Natural Origin Rice Protein & Organic Tapioca Starch – naturally boost volume. Organic Beeswax 00 for a buildable formula.
100% Natural Origin Color Pigments
100% Free of Petroleum By Products.

It’s also 100% Cruelty Free.

It’s also hypoallergenic and fragrance free.


I’ve read some other reviews where users have complained about the smell. Granted, it doesn’t smell like roses. It is fragrance-free, after all. But it doesn’t smell awful either. And it’s going on your lashes, not your nose. (Though I did smudge my nose while doing the smell test – it still didn’t bother me.)


I applied it very carefully and had no clumps or smudges. It looked very natural on my lashes. I didn’t even feel the need for a second coat. After I applied it I accidentally hit the lashes with my finger and a couple of them stuck together – I used the brush to separate them without any issues. I didn’t smudge – I wore it for most of the day and didn’t have any problems. The next day I did two coats (very nice lashy look) and even a few time scratched my eye (carefully) – still no smudging.

Tip: to ensure perfect distribution and no clumping use an eyebrow brush or a toothpick to separate lashes you accidentally stuck together… But make sure you don’t poke your eye!


For such a low price (as far as organic mascaras go) this mascara is outperforming all expectations. No, it’s not water-proof – no does it claim to be. If you are going out in the rain or are headed for a serious sweat at the gym, this might not be for you. But for an everyday normal application it’s perfect.

I liked it. I liked it a lot. I’m keeping it for sure. The mainstream brand backup package is going back to Wal-Mart…

P.S: If you live in the USA, for a limited time (till the end of 2009) you can get a rebate on this mascara. Here is a rebate form from the company’s site:

April 20, 2009   35 Comments