Why Choose Organic Makeup and Skin Care?

Let’s step back and look at the big picture. Your skin is actually designated as an organ. In fact, it is the largest organ you have. Apart from the obvious (covering and protecting your body) functions, it regulates temperature, excretes waste, and absorbs. Yes. It absorbs things. Like oxygen and nitrogen. And all the things we put on it. Where do you think the creams disappear?

Think about it. It’s a porous absorbent surface. So shouldn’t it matter what it absorbs?

An average woman starts her daily skincare routine by washing her face with some sort of soap, putting a cream, and then layers of concealers, foundations, powders, shadows, liners, lipsticks. At the end of the day all of it is washed off with soaps, and covered with toners, lotions, masks… You know the picture.

The government does not actually regulate the makeup industry. The manufacturers of all these products can put anything and everything they want inside.

And they do.

So, when you think you’re covering up some spots, or making your eyes larger, you are actually feeding your body things like: Methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl paraben, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours…

All these things irritate the skin (not to mention other long term side-effects), making women search for new lotions, new creams, new concealers.

Organic skincare products and organic makeup, or at least natural products, are the only way to escape this never-ending cycle of self poisoning.

So, for starters, next time you buy some kind of make-up, imagine you where to eat it. Just a bit of it. Then read the ingredients. I am pretty sure your next step would be to turn towards the local health store (or shelf) and search for organic makeup.

Unless, of course, you like the taste of petroleum…

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